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Linda Ghidossi-DeLuca :

Before I met Tony Lane I was convinced that it was impossible to find a smaller viola with as rich a sound as the 16 1/2" viola I was playing, and if I did I’d be paying for it the for rest of my life. Now I know that hard-working musicians like myself can have the best of both worlds – a smaller viola [15 3/8" – 15 7/8"] with an ease of playing and the sound I never thought possible.

My viola has the sound of an older, mature instrument even though it was made in 2003. It has a richness and roundness of sound, with so many tonal colors available to me. Also, my Anthony Lane viola is its own echo chamber. The sound really projects!

I also own a wonderful Tony Lane violin made in 1998. The sound is very direct, round, and full, and the ease of playing is tremendous and almost makes me want to switch to violin.

Tony is a master at his craft and listens with "musician’s ears." I feel so very fortunate to have met and worked with Tony on one of the most important parts of my profession, my instrument.

Linda Ghidossi-DeLuca is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance under the tutelage of the renowned Lillian Fuchs. She currently studies with Mr. Robert Slaughter, formerly of Ball State University, “a mentor who has made the greatest impact on my musical career.” She has performed with Jeffrey Kahane, Yo-Yo Ma, Pamela Frank, and Lorraine Hunt and is, in the words of the San Francisco Chronicle’s music critic, Joshua Kosman, “one of the wondrous hidden treasures of the Bay Area’s musical scene.”

She is the Principal Violist of three San Francisco Bay Area orchestras: The New Century Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Krista Bennion-Feeney; the Santa Rosa Symphony, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane; and the Vallejo Symphony, conducted by David Ramadanoff. A member of the Sonoma State University music faculty, she is also musical director of the Young Peoples Chamber Orchestra of the Santa Rosa Symphony, a conductorless ensemble modeled after the New Century Chamber Orchestra.

Ms. Ghidossi-DeLuca has created her own CD, recording the first three solo Cello Suites by Bach on viola; the second three Cello Suites are planned for 2004. Her other recordings include a Grammy-nominated CD of works by Dimitri Shostakovich, featuring the New Century chamber Orchestra, and works by Frank Martin, featuring the Berkeley Symphony.

Linda Ghidossi-DeLuca has performed as a soloist on numerous occasions. The most recent work was the Walton Viola Concerto with the Vallejo Symphony, conducted by David Ramadanoff. She has also premiered and recorded works by new composers such as Thomas Goss and Kurt Rhode. Other recordings include soundtracks for Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Journey, and other artists, as well as for many feature films. In 2003 Linda joined the Dixie Chicks in their five-month “Top of the World Tour” across North America.

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